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    What is Rapid Prototyping? Rapid Prototyping services enables you to quickly, sometimes in a matter of days, create a physical product model. This model can serve as a proof of concept, or even for functionality testing, before you invest in more expensive tooling such as injections molds. mold making china Here are some common rapid prototyping technologies: 3D printing (Plastic and metal) Additive Manufacturering(similarly to 3D printing) CNC (Metal) Vacuum injection molding (Plastic For Low Volume Injection Molding)


    • Looking for a best rapid prototyping company before you enter production? In this article, we list lading rapid prototyping service providers based in Shenzhen China and Hong Kong.


    1. Top 10 best rapid prototyping company list:
    2. 1.
    3. WayKen is the leading rapid prototype manufacturing company in China, offering professional rapid prototyping and CNC machining services at a lower cost.
    4. 2.
    5. Rison Prototype,the leading China Rapid Prototyping manufacturer over 8 years,aimed at supplying top quality Aluminum Mold, Sheet Metal Prototyping.
    6. 3.
    7. Rapid Prototype China,Jasonmould offering you the most reasonable rapid prototyping china, china plastic injection molding,rapid manufacturing solution with excellent level of quality, service.
    8. 4.
    9. Low-volume manufacturing, bridge tooling, bridge production, complete services including 3D metal printing and CNC machining.
    10. 5.
    11. Get China’s top rapid prototyping services with Prototech Asia. Quality prototypes. Experienced. Trusted in Europe. Call (+86) 156 0669 3070. Learn more here!
    12. 6.
    13. Our rapid prototyping and precision CNC machining services ensure that your … We’re a China based rapid manufacturing company, with Western roots.
    14. 7.
    15. Start Prototyping offering rapid prototyping service, additive manufacturing,low volume manufacturing service,plastic injection molding and CNC machining.
    16. 8.
    17. Rapid Prototyping Services, 3E Rapid Prototyping offers a wide range of top quality rapid prototyping services at competitive rates in China. Contact us today to.
    18. 9.
    19. Rapid Prototype China,We at An-prototype offering you the most reasonable rapid prototype china, CNC Machining service; cnc prototyping manufacturing.
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    22. Mold Making is professional Plastic Injection Molding,Rapid Prototyping Service,Quick Prototype Manufacturing,Additive Manufacturing And Low Volume Manufacturing Service Factory From China.
    23. About
    24. workshop 9
    25. Mold Making mainly supply rapid prototyping service and plastic injection parts manufacturing for many 3D print companies in the world.
    26. Mold Making has been engaged in plastic injection molding ,apid prototyping about 30 years, helping too many designers to turn their ideas into reality. Most of the conceptual prototype of the design has been successfully put into the market and has achieved good benefits. Among them, the most representative metal prototype machining, plastic prototype machining, CNC aluminum machining, Low-Volume Manufacturing, processing technology including CNC machining, vacuum casting, rapid tooling, 3D printing and so on. We have the standard quality inspection process, which is completely in line with the customer’s industrial design. It’s a great honor to be a partner with you.
    27. Contact Info
    28. Contact:James Zhang
    29. Company:Dongguan Wing Tat Industrial Co., Ltd
    30. Add:No.3 Lin Dong San Road,Lin Cun, Tangxia, Dongguan China 523711
    31. Tel:+86-13352636504
    32. Email:[email protected]
    33. Web:

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