• Beef Enchilada

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    Servings: 6
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    You know I make enchilada very fast but this time I made them with Chile from beef ribs meat and green enchiladas sauce.


    • Beef rib meat Chile
    • Red tortillas
    • Cheese slices with plastic rap
    • Green enchilada sauce the large can
    • Half cup of Shreded Munster cheese


    1. Heat the tortillas in microwave in VIP lock with it open
    2. Lay tortilla in 13 x 9 but dip each one in the sauce
    3. Add a half slice of cheese on top
    4. Add Chile I use one inch peaches of meat
    5. Roll them up and keep making them to fill them up
    6. Add the green enchilada sauce till it covers them and the shred cheese

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