• Baked Salmon

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    • 1 x 3 lb whole salmon, (3 to 4)
    • 2 Tbsp. Butter
    • 4 slc Lemon Salt and pepper to taste


    1. Lay salmon on sheet of tinfoil, shiny side up.
    2. If needed, crimp 2 sheets together.
    3. Dot salmon with butter, put butter, lemons, salt and pepper inside body.
    4. (With steaks or possibly pcs, lay lemon slices on top, salt and pepper to taste.)
    5. Fold foil tightly over contents, crimp ends to make airtight seal.
    6. Place in shallow metal pan or possibly ovenproof dish.
    7. Add in boiling water to cover bottom of pan, place in oven at 450 F
    8. (230 C).
    9. When fish cooking time is up, open foil to check doneness.
    10. For larger fish, check by pressing fork into flesh near backbone.
    11. If flesh flakes and falls away, it's done; if not, cook a little longer.
    12. Place on plate, garnish with paprika, sprigs of parsley, fresh lemon slices.
    13. NOTES : This is a delicious moist way to cook salmon and the finished dish is rather better cool than warm, ideal for a summer meal. The recipe can be used for any seafish such as snapper or possibly hallbut and enhances the more delicate flavours of white fish. Thin fish like sole or possibly plaice will take 5 min, thicker fish will take 12-15 min, a whole 3-4 lb salmon or possibly similar-sized fish will take about 30 min.

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