• Avengers Themed Birthday Party Food

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    My son turned 8 and wanted Marvel Avengers as his party theme. So we made party food that represented the Avengers characters.... Ironman, Thor, Hulk, Hawkeye, Black Widow, Captain America! The kids loved it. It was a huge hit!


    • Ironman's repulsor rays- Watermelon
    • Thor's hammers- Small pretzel sticks and cheese cubes
    • Hulk Cups- Vanilla pudding, green food coloring, chocolate graham crackers, clear plastic cups
    • Hawkeye's Arrow Tips- Store bought Bugles
    • Black Widow's Spider Bites- Oreos, white and red cookie icing, pull apart red licorice strings
    • Captain America Shield cookies - Oatmeal cookies, red, white and blue cookie icing, white candy stars
    • Hulk Smash Mash - 12oz Rice chex, 1/2 cup butter, 1 cup peanut butter, 12oz chocolate chips, 1 tsp vanilla, 1 lb powdered sugar
    • Tesseract Cubes- Berry blue jello mix, boiling water


    1. Ironman - slice watermelon and use a circle cookie cutter to cut out repulsor rays.
    2. Thor- Cube the cheese into thick chunks and insert pretzel stick gently so you don't split the cheese.
    3. Hulk Cups- Make instant pudding and add green food coloring place into clear cups sprinkle with graham cracker crumbs for hair. Draw simple face on outside of the cup.
    4. Hawkeyes arrows- open bag dump in bowl (easy huh?)
    5. Black Widow Spider Bites- Cut legs out of licorice, Split open Oreos place legs into cookie cream. Put a glob of white cookie icing on the lid of the cookie and press gently down. Use red icing to make the black widow hour glass on the top of the cookie.
    6. Capt. America Cookie shields- Decorate center of cookie with a blue circle, push a candy star in the middle. then add a red ring, white ring and last red ring.
    7. Hulk Smash Mash- Melt chips, butter and peanut butter til smooth add vanilla. Pour over cereal mix well. Shake in the powdered sugar. (puppy chow or muddy buddy mix)
    8. Tesseract Cubes- Prepare Jello Jigglers with blue jello and cut into cubes.

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    • Smokinhotchef
      FANTASTIC!!! I love food themes as much as the kids. I appreciate your resourceful approach and creativity!!! I would have this theme for MY party! I love Marvel Comics. Thanks so much for sharing, the Thor hammers sparked an idea for witches brooms using string cheese for the kids Halloween party!
      • Denise Sherin
        Denise Sherin
        Glad you liked it! The kids absolutely loved it, my son was so happy. I had parents taking pictures of the food it was funny. The witch brooms are a great idea. The only problem I found with the hammers was that after making them the cheese starts to soften the pretzel making them less sturdy, so they need to be made last minute.

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