• Apple-Saffron-Semolina Porridge for kids..;)

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    Apple-Saffron-Semolina Porridge for kids..;)
    Prep: 10 min Cook: 10 min Servings: 3
    by shruthisingh4
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    "Pease Porridge Hot.., Pease porridge Cold.., Pease Porridge in the pot...Nine day's old..!! Some like it hot.., Some like it cold...., Some like it in the Pot..Nine day's Old..!!!" A nursery Rhyme i'm sure most of us remember..from our Nursery Day's...The Origin still remain's Anon...but the earliest version of the same was found in John Newbery's - Mother Goose's Melody's( c. 1760's..!!). Well back to Porridge's & puddings...My Daughter.."Anushka" turned 18 month's old(Ha ha...sounds more like i'm speaking about an 18 year old isn't it..?? well i always remind myself That day also will come..!!) and she's turned pretty fussy as an eater,& suddenly..all her favs in "food" have suddenly taken an about turn which anyway's means more brain racking session's for me...!! But obvious she's only a child and has a curious mind which wants to discover more and never mind..she want's variety i thought to myself...!! Hence i thought i'd start from something sweet and porridge like...(As they say "Karo meetha se Shubh Aarambh") To top it being the beginning of winter here in Dubai...i wanted to offer her something hot plus as always my hand's alway's scratching to adding a healthy touch to it...!! And how much more luckier could she be...than being a child she need not worry about weighty issue's... Unless she were Obese..which touch wood she is not..!! However...i jumped into my kitchen suite checking on what's in store..!!??? I finally decided on Semolina & Apple Porridge...& when i opened the refrigerator to take the milk out i happened to set eye's on the box of Saffron...and since it's believed to give heat to the body i decided to add a bit of it as well..!! AND IT TURNED OUT TO BE AMAZING...the flavour of Apples didn't overpower the flavour of Saffron..& Vice lil one just gulped it down...!! However you may add a bit of Almond's,Walnut's,cashew's, pista's and dry grape's if you'd like ..( I didn't add any since anushka does'nt like it that way..!!) . THE TRICK WAS IT TURNED OUT TO BE A VERRRY...... SIMPLE RECIPE WHICH COULD BE MADE WITH JUST ANYTHING YOU SET YOUR HANDS ON IN YOUR KITCHEN AND YOU CAN EVEN PLAY WITH THE INGREDIENT'S TO YOUR LIKING..!! Well let's get on with the Recipe...:


    • 1No:Red Apple(Peeled,Cored,Cut into small cubes).
    • 1Cup:Semolina(Chiroti Rawa).
    • 2Tbsp:Sugar( I'd Rather say Sugar:To Taste,Since taste varies from person to person).
    • 10-12 Strands:Saffron.
    • 1Cup:Milk.
    • 2Tbsp:Clarified Butter( I used home made Ghee(Clarified Butter)).


    1. Take a deep bottomed non-stick pan, and heat The Clarified butter in it and roast the Semolina in it when you get the aroma of roasted semolina add the apple cubes to it..and sauté..!
    2. Soak the Saffron strands in 2 Tsp Milk, and add the sugar to the sauté d apples, once the sugar mixes along with the juice released by the apples,Add the rest of the milk to the pan, close and allow to cook in simmer for 10 mins.
    3. Once the Semolina,Apples are cooked well in the milk and the mixture thickens switch off the flame.
    4. Garnish with the garnish of your choice..!!
    5. Serve Hot and Enjoy..;)

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