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Angela's fabulous chicken salad Recipe
by Angela Wissen

Angela's fabulous chicken salad

The quickest way to make my fabulous chicken salad that will satisfy all taste buds of all ages

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Prep time: United States American
  Servings: 10


  • One rotisserie chicken 2 cups of mayo one cup of sour cream one and a half cup of diced celery one and a half cup of diced dill pickles salt and pepper as desired


  1. Have rotisserie chicken cut and diced into bite-size have the Mayo and sour cream ready on the side the celery and Dill Pickles diced salt and pepper ready as desired mix all ingredients in the order they were given into a large bowl mix well chill for 30 minutes and serve on any bagel bread croissant your heart desires or just have it on a green leaf salad as the main dish it's that good. enjoy!