• 5 Reasons To Consider Becoming A Firefighter

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    5 Reasons To Consider Becoming A Firefighter
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    Firefighters are some of the most important professionals in the country. Through their quick response, they help rescue people in emergency medical situations, traffic accidents and building & outdoor fires among others. They help prevent injury and death as well as destruction of property. Despite the several risks they face, there are quite a number of benefits that these professionals enjoy. Here are a few reasons to consider becoming a firefighter.


    • Strength
    • Perseverance
    • Teamwork


    Firefighters typically go through heavy physical conditioning in order to be eligible for employment. And when they get the job, they are expected to continue to engage in physical activity during their shifts. This can significantly benefit their overall physical condition as it will encourage them to lead healthier lifestyles.
    These professionals work in a team-based environment, regardless of the situation they’re handling. They coordinate with other members to save lives. In fact, when on the job, firefighters will often wear monitors that allow them to track each other's location or position and know where they’re at all times. They develop great friendships that even extend to life outside the working environment.
    Unless volunteers, firefighters enjoy decent pay & benefits. Well, the average salary could vary on basis on factors such as experience but as at 2012, the average salary for this professional was $42,250 per year, this according to the Bureau Labor Statistics (BLS). Firefighters also benefit from medical & dental coverage for not only themselves but also their family members. They enjoy access to disability insurance, sick leave, credit union memberships and vacation accrual. Most importantly, there’s job security.

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