Wendi Taylor
Wendi Taylor
Self Taught Amateur Chef
Houston, TX (United States)
Joined May 07, 2012
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About me

Cooking is my new-found passion. Watching various cooking shows has inspired me to start reading, learning, and most of all experimenting with various dishes and creating some of my own. Every recipe I post here has been thoroughly tested & approved by friends and family :)

I am a liberty activist, fighting the battle to restore personal liberty and a Constitutional government in America as a volunteer for the Ron Paul Presidential Campaign (2008 & 2012) and the Campaign For Liberty. I recently ran for State Representative as a Libertarian.

I worked in sales for an industrial parts warehouse, selling hydraulic starting systems used on oilfield machinery until recently. I have a degree in broadcasting & public relations and a background in journalism.

I love to write, and I love learning about different countries, cultures, interests, and beliefs. I love God, my family, and my country. I support the persecuted church through The Voice of the Martyrs, and believe in the inalienable rights of all people.

Cooking Influences

I grew up watching my mom & my grandma cook - especially holiday meals. What child doesn't love to pull up a stool and help? My dad also has a passion for grilling, and passed that on to me.

Aside from that, I've watched various cooking and food appreciation shows on television, tried to recreate favorite dishes from restaurants I've visited, and just plain gone into the kitchen and experimented.

That's really the essence of cooking. Roll up your sleeves, get your hands dirty, don't be afraid to experiment, and most of all have fun. Taste as you go along. Season liberally. Throw it away and start over if it flops - you'll have gained valuable knowledge of what doesn't work, which will guide you towards what does work.

Awards, Honors and Societies

Campaign For Liberty
Golden Key National Honor Society
Swim Team
Ordained Minister (Universal Life Church)
Food Pantry Volunteer

Additional Services

Barbeque Expert ~ Can cook on charcoal, propane/natural gas, or open fire grills. Specialize in typical grilling items such as steaks, burgers, dogs, sausage links, pork chops, or chicken pieces but can cover more exotic items like asparagus, mushrooms, veggie burgers, etc.

Tex Mex Chef ~ Mexican, Southwest, "Tex Mex" foods are my favorite to cook and eat. I use a lot of peppers, onions, cilantro, black beans, corn, chili powder, and other traditionally 'tex mex' ingredients in my recipes. From tacos to enchiladas, from refried beans to rice, I love it all.

The recipes posted here are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 United States License.


  • Matthew McCartin
    Matthew McCartin
    i loved your Homemade Chicken, Sausage, & Shrimp Gumbo for Beginners Recipe

    but you forgot to add tomato sauce to ingredients but you put it in directions
    • stella dias
      stella dias
      Dear friend
      Thank you adding me.You have a lot of experience.Give my kind regards to every one at home.
      • Winelady Cooks
        Winelady Cooks
        Hi Wendy, thanks for the invite to your group. I'm a follower.

        • myra byanka
          myra byanka

          FYI, a lot of free stock photos of food are at

          • Wendi Taylor
            Wendi Taylor
            I know, that's where I get a lot of them. If I ever have some extra money I'll get a digital camera and take my own, but for now, I have to make due with 'stocks'
          • Judit Hogya Demcsak
            Judit Hogya Demcsak
            Hi Wendi! Thank you for follow me! It is very nice to meet you and also your tasty and delicious meals and recipes! Sending you a big greeting from Slovakia!:)...Judit
            • Salad Foodie
              Salad Foodie
              My favorite way with canned salmon is a recipe I posted on this site: "Salmon Patties Like Mom's - Sorta". I make them all the time and will post it to Budget Cooking Group.
              • Wendi Taylor
                Wendi Taylor
                Thanks, I'll check it out :)
              • myra byanka
                myra byanka

                Feel free to post your recipes to people's group sites. E.g., I posted your new potato taco recipe, and others, to Tex-Mex and Latin American Cooking.

                The cooks and chefs on this site are fun and supportive, and let the link thing go.

                Just post and experiment. You're young and cooking can be an adventure.



                • Bob Vincent
                  Bob Vincent
                  Hi Wendi:
                  Thanks for following me. You will have lots of fun on this site. Plenty of information and good recipes from many of the participants. I look forward to trying some of your posts.
                  Best Regards,
                  • Bob Towlson
                    Bob Towlson
                    Looking forward to trying some of your recipies
                    • Veronica Gantley
                      Veronica Gantley
                      Hi Wendy. I am so glad we are friends. I look forward to seeing many of your new recipes.
                      • Christine Oglesby
                        Christine Oglesby
                        HI Wendi, It's good to meet you. I can tell by your story your are passionate in most everything you do. Keep up the good work. I look forward in sharing your inspirational ideas in your recipes and your style of cooking. Check you later.
                        • myra byanka
                          myra byanka
                          Check out Amos Miller's recipes. He may be a secret wannabe Texan, but he's a super Creole chef.


                          • myra byanka
                            myra byanka
                            Hey Wendi,

                            Welcome and have fun!

                            • Salad Foodie
                              Salad Foodie
                              Thanks for the follow and I am happy to reciprocate! Loved reading your profile writeup - what an inspiration you are and so young! I know you'll get good ideas cooking from this site. It's fun, and it's educational.
                              • A.L. Wiebe
                                A.L. Wiebe
                                Looking forward to checking out your recipes!
                                • John Spottiswood
                                  John Spottiswood
                                  Glad you joined Wendi. I hope you enjoy the recipes here and I look forward to trying some of your favorites!
                                  • Amos Miller
                                    Amos Miller
                                    W.T. - LOVE TX! I am delighted to connect with you on C-E-S and look forward to some communication when we try each other's recipes. So don't hesitate to post. And join the groups - there is alot of 'depth on the bench' on this site, so enjoy! - Best wishes, Amos

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