Soudagur Preetam
Soudagur Preetam
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lyon, France
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About me

I moved to Japan in 2006 from Mauritius. I am still enjoying Japan. The pastries are excellent. I am really surprised in the way Japanese chefs make cakes and pastries. It is very personalized.

Cooking Influences

I remember when I was 16 and during the summer holidays I was working part time in a golf club and resort as a caddie. Everyday I had to pick up ice at the backyard of the main kitchen. From there I could see all the chefs working. It was very interesting to see all those people dressed in white working busily. Then one day I got the chance to go inside and visit them. I was amazed to see how beautifully and perfectly the dishes were prepared and cooked. After the summer holidays I went back to school. Between friends we were talking about the future and our careers. I remember telling them how I had already been inspired for what I wanted to do.

Awards, Honors and Societies

certificate in "Basic Food Hygiene Sense" - September 2004
Certificate of Appreciation "For having actively participated in 22 years of Delighting
Our Guests" - March/April 2007
IFECS - "If environment Control Service Limited" - 2 July 1997
Certificate of Recognition - "For the valuable contribution to be a member of leading Hotels of the world" - 1st November, 1997"
CLIC "Creation Link with the Internal Customers"
Best Attendance Award for the year 1995

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