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Humboldt, Canada
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About me

THe Name Is Andrea though I am often Called Peaches.
I went to Professional Cooking school and am Currently working as a Chef at a Restaurtant in Humboldt.
I've been Cooking over 6 years and Still Love it.
I grew up in a Small town and My parents weren't well off. So when we ever went somewhere special we always ended up making our own sandwichs or eating at some lowly fast food place like Burger King. At home I loved to bake Bread with my mom, and i always enjoyed trying to make other things, In Home Ec, I learned the wonders of other foods like Homemade pasta and perogies. which I still make today. THen I went straight into Professional Cooking course wanting to Know How to bake more amazing things. In fact I got amazing Grades in Baking.!

By the time I get home from a long Day of work, I don't really want to cook anymore since I just spent the day Cooking at work, I just want to make a quick, easy but healthy Meal

Cooking Influences

My Mom used to be a big one. I remember helping her make huge batches of bread. I'd get to Help Punch it down. then we'd get to make our own Mini Loaves!. That was when I was very Young Though. As I grew older, My Mom had to work more to be able to feed and Cloth us three Kids. So when I was old enough, I started to make supper, first it started out as just spaghetti sauce from a jar but then I would add my own spices and other things. But each flavor always left me wanting more. I still read recipes books all the time because I leave knowing whats in everything Though I love Creating my own stuff as well.

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