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I'm a Cajun gal who grew up on the Vermilion Bayou in South Louisiana. I learned everything that I know about cooking from my Cajun mother, grandmother, and aunts. Many of the recipes that I will share have been handed down for several generations and are authentic Cajun and Creole creations.


  • Patrick Travis
    Patrick Travis
    Hi Marguerite,

    I've been following you since 2011 and have enjoyed your recipes. A quick question if I might, my wife and I are taking a short vacation to New Orleans and Lafayette (actually Arnaudville) and was wondering if you have any suggestions for good places to eat? We're looking for good local spots or street food rather than high end places.
    Thanks in advance, Patrick
    • Bob Vincent
      Bob Vincent
      Hi Marguerite:
      Thanks for following me. In browsing your posts and looking at your blog you have some wonderful dishes I am anxious to try. You have done a great job in presenting dishes and information on the blog site. That Father's Day cheesecake looks and sounds absolutely decadent. I look forward to seeing more posts. Cajun dishes are welcome at our house. Thanks for sharing!
      Best Regards,
      • Veronica Gantley
        Veronica Gantley
        I am very glad we are friends. I look forward to seeing many of your new recipes.
        • Frequent Flyer
          Frequent Flyer
          I'm in Georgia but grew up in the Arklatex (all three states). For me, Layfaette is the center of cajun cooking. My dad was a caterer in Houma. I'm looking forward to following your recipes.
          • Tim Bourgeois
            Tim Bourgeois
            hey!! i am from new orleans originally, but i lived in lafayette for 10yrs before moving to Texas.. im looking forward to sharing recipes... geaux tigers!!
            • Michelle M
              Michelle M
              Thanks for following and commenting on my blog! We are neighbors!
              • Patrick Travis
                Patrick Travis
                Hi Marguerite - I don't follow many cooks or blogs but your's is an exception. I just read your latest post and am fired up to try out a couple of your recipes this weekend. Look forward to seeing more of your delicious posts. Patrick
                • Amos Miller
                  Amos Miller
                  I am excited to connect with you, Marguarite! I second Gene's comments and will be hitting your recipes with enthusiasm - best regards, Amos
                  • J. Gene Beers
                    J. Gene Beers
                    I have to tell you, your site has got to be one of the most interesting site I have ever read. So much information done in a way that makes a person want to keep reading. Luv it, just luv it. Take care, Gene
                    • Marguerite
                      Gene- Thanks so much for the nice compliments and for following! It's a pleasure to meet you!

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