Leslie Blythe Miller
Leslie Blythe Miller
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About me

Leslie Blythe Miller is a Graduate of the Culinary Business Academy and has studied at La Varenne in Paris and has a BA from Sarah Lawrence College. She has lived in New York, London, Paris, and Los Angeles. She enjoys bringing her love of travel and passion for cooking to your table.

Leslie sees her blog as a daily diary of all things food and cooking related. Blythe’s Blog is her way of sharing a wide variety of information and insights on a consistent basis, covering food and drink from all cultures and classes—everything from street food to haute cuisine; from the ridiculous to the sublime, Leslie covers it. Leslie takes great pride in being able to keep her content fresh and current. Since its inauguration, Leslie has posted to her site every day, from Monday to Friday, even while going through a major illness, where she relied upon guest bloggers to ensure a constant flow of compelling content.

Cooking Influences

I love learning about other cultures through food. I recently travelled to Japan and would like to go back to teach.

Awards, Honors and Societies

I have a certificate for Personal Nutrition from the Shaw Academy.


  • LuEllen Epperly Klimmek2016
    LuEllen Epperly Klimmek2016
    Is Blythe a family name. My sister's given name is Blythe. It was my paternal grandmother's maiden. name.
    • Leslie Blythe Miller
      Leslie Blythe Miller
      Blythe is my middle name. It's not a very common name. I remember as a kid I hated it! Now I don't mind!
    • Wendy DeMarzo
      Wendy DeMarzo
      I, too, am from So Cal. Looking forward to trying some of your recipes. I can certainly learn alot from your blog. Thanks
      • Amos Miller
        Amos Miller
        Hi, (cousin) Leslie - You have great recipes and I 'borrowed' one for the Sausage Group on CES, giving you full credit, of course. I'm sure that we can share some cooking ideas and perhaps you will find something among my submissions that will get your culinary attention. Best wishes - (cousin) Amos

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