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Jeannie Maristela
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About me

I am Jeannie Maristela, a Cooking Shows couch potato veteran turned baker, chef and photographer. Chef by day, goddess of scrumptiousness by night and closet M&M peanuts addict.

I come from a family of great home cooks. Both my grandmothers used to sell home cooked dishes to their loyal patrons back in their day. I would always observe with an eye of a hawk how my grandmothers and both my parents do mise en place, their cooking techniques and how they would meticulously prepare and cook our meals. They are my first culinary mentors and I owe everything to them my absolute love and fascination for food and cooking.

From when I was 6 or 7 years old, I found myself to be more interested watching cooking shows on television. I would instantly trade my daily cartoon shows with Wok With Yen, The Frugal Gourmet, Julia Child and Company, Julia Child & Jacques Pépin Cooking at Home and Jacques Pepin: Fast food My Way. You see I am really a cooking shows couch potato veteran and I am very proud of this title. My fondness or you might say, my addiction for cooking shows ever since I was a child has lead me to my sincerest passion in life, and that is to become a chef, create dishes and meals that I personally enjoy eating and exhibit the awesomeness and beauty of food through the photos I take.

I still have a long way ahead to fulfilling my dreams in the culinary world. But I am very sure I will enjoy every bumpy and smooth ride along the way.

Cooking Influences

Julia Child, Jacques Pepin, Nigella Lawson, Anthony Bourdain, Eric Ripert, Marcus Samuelsson, Rick Bayless, my parents and Grandmothers.


  • Huda SP
    Huda SP
    Your blog pictures are trully beautiful. Good to connect with you
    • chefgonin
      Felicidades por tus recetas y fotos, he adquirido algunas para probar en mi resto, Soy el chefgonin y llevo poco tiempo por aquí, hace unos meses comencé mi andadura entre blogs de cocina hasta llegar aquí. Mi recetario a diferencia de los demás es de cocina clásica tradicional de Valencia (España). Por ello te invito a visitarme.

      Un saludo del Chefgonin
      • Barbara E Alzamora D
        Barbara E Alzamora D
        Jeannie, I was blown away by your Food Photography! I would like to know more of what tectonics, as to what kind of lighting and lens is used in order to make your photos look so eatable!!! Fantastic job.
        • Veronica Gantley
          Veronica Gantley
          I am so glad we are friends. I cant wait to try your banana cookies.
          • Brenda's Canadian Kitchen
            Brenda's Canadian Kitchen
            Thank you for the follow. I'm a cooking show couch potato too! :o)
            • Daniel Saraga
              Daniel Saraga
              Thanks for the follow! I used to watch "Wok With Yan" myself when I was a kid as well (the original show from the early 1980s). Not very many Canadian cooking shows syndicated as far away as the Philippines!
              • annie
                Hello jeannie thanks for following me I watched julia child also there was no one like her for sure
                • A.L. Wiebe
                  A.L. Wiebe
                  Hi Jeannie, and thanks for the follow. I made your Chicken Picata, and was very happy with the outcome.
                  Welcome to the CES site, where you'll find a lot of talented people who are friendly and more than happy to share recipes, and help out with any questions you may have. Have fun!
                  • Purabi Naha
                    Purabi Naha
                    Hi, I am your new follower. Please follow me back and visit my Indian food blog on some unusual curries at My latest post is on the famous Indian rice dessert, slow-cooked in milk and sweetened with jaggery...
                    • Winelady Cooks
                      Winelady Cooks
                      Hi Jeannie, Thank you so much for following me. I look forward to learning and sharing with you.

                      • Jeannie Maristela
                        Jeannie Maristela
                        Hello Nanette! :) Thank you for following me back. Jeannie is my nickname, it's the long version of Jean. lol but I love my nickname and the name Jeannie for Eugenia is brilliant though I think Eugenia is already a lovely name.

                        I am happy to hear that you featured a Filipino dish, Pancit Bihon is always the ultimate star of every Filipino feast anywhere you go here. And this dish has too many varieties varying from regions and provinces... there is even a Pancit dish making use of long shredded young coconut flesh as "Pancit noodles".

                        I've posted some Filipino dishes with my own twists on my blog before.

                        Yes, I will check out your awesome sites. Thanks again! :)
                        • Nanette
                          Hi Jeannie: So kind of you to follow me. Jeannie is a popular name in my family...nickname for Eugenia. I love Filipino food. I posted a recipe for Pancit Bihon. I love this! I'm always looking for traditional recipes. Enjoy's a great site with great members. Visit me on my blog,, & let me know what you think. Post your favorite pork recipes on Porky Pig..."my" group on CES. Great meeting you. N
                          • Rinaldi Maribellie
                            great moment having seen some of your food creation..keep it up young chef...
                            • Jeannie Maristela
                              Jeannie Maristela
                              Thank you! :D
                            • Amos Miller
                              Amos Miller
                              Jeannie - Glad we have connected here and I look forward to many tasty exchanges! best regards, Amos
                              • Jeannie Maristela
                                Jeannie Maristela
                                Thank you Amos! :) I appreciate the follow back. Yes, I'm looking forward to many tasty...scrumptious exchanges! :)
                              • Foodessa
                                Jeannie, welcome to our talented and dedicated group.

                                I'm looking forward to your talents from your kitchen to ours ;o)

                                Flavourful wishes,
                                • Jeannie Maristela
                                  Jeannie Maristela

                                  Thank you for welcoming me to your group and following me back. I truly appreciate it! :)

                                  I too am looking forward to share our kitchens and share great food. Best Wishes! :)

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