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Frosted Flaker
Frosted Flaker
Salt Lake City, United States
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About me

My name really is Tony, and I actually do eat Frosted Flakes sometimes.

A little about me: just a low-key single guy who likes to occasionally cook. I usually go for the easy, quick meals rather than the extravagant fancy large preparations. Maybe in the future I'll "kick it up a notch" more often but for now I usually stick with the easy or moderate recipes.

My favorites: unique salads; southwestern cuisine; light tasty fares; colorful & nutritious meals.

Cooking Influences

Mom is really the "Master Jedi" in the kitchen, she sometimes goes all out in her dinner preparations. I always look forward to her superb culinary creations.

I also occasionally watch cooking shows on TV.


  • John Spottiswood
    John Spottiswood
    Glad you joined us. I hope you enjoy the recipes here and I look forward to trying some of your favorites!

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