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About me

I am the recipe developer, write and photographer behind the blog, Cookin' Canuck. I am wife to a supportive husband and mother of 2 young, energetic boys. They are my official taste-testers and will willingly give me a thumbs-up or thumbs-down as their palates instruct. A thumbs-up is typically accompanied by, “Are you going to put that on the blog, Mum?”

Along with the "how to" cooking series on my blog, I aspire to give you recipes that make you think, “This isn’t so hard after all!”


  • Claudia lamascolo
    Claudia lamascolo
    welcome aboard... this is my most favorite site so glad to see you here!
    • Cookin Canuck
      Cookin Canuck
      I've actually been on here for awhile, Claudia. I wonder if we were de-friended for awhile.
    • Amos Miller
      Amos Miller
      I love food, love Canada, love to share recipes & ideas! I am very happy we have connected and look forward to trying some of your recipes and hope you'll give a couple of mine a play. best regards, Amos
      • Cookin Canuck
        Cookin Canuck
        Thanks so much, Amos. I look forward to perusing your recipes.
      • christina stratton
        christina stratton
        HI! How many calories is in the caprese frittata?
        • Cookin Canuck
          Cookin Canuck
          Christina, I'm sorry but I don't know. However, you can head to an online calorie counter, such as this one and enter the ingredients to come up with a total. I hope you enjoy the frittata if you try it.
        • sally
          Hello,Happy to see you here again,your recipes are great !!!
          • Robert-Gilles Martineau
            Robert-Gilles Martineau
            Cheers, mate!
            good to meet you again here!
            Best regards,
            • Claudia lamascolo
              Claudia lamascolo
              So glad your here! Welcome aboard!!!!

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