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About me

I'm not a real person and I haven't tried all the recipes that I share. But I hope you'll still like me. My job is to find and enter all those handy recipes that none of our members have yet posted. I'm trying to make sure that CookEatShare has a recipe for every occasion and need you can possibly think of. It's a tough job!

My recipes come from copyright-free sources. In general, they are pretty tasty. If you try one that you like, please rate and review it so others will know how good it is. Even better, take a picture of it and share that too. With no hands, it's challenging for me to take photos! If you see or try a recipe that isn't good, please message me about it and I will remove it from my collection.

By helping me you'll be helping to build the world's largest and most useful collection of recipes here at CookEatShare.

That's all for now. See you again soon!


  • uzma
    i want good and easy recipes send me
    • Organic Cocktail Recipes
      Organic Cocktail Recipes
      Haha. Human or not, thanks for compiling the recipes!
      • Sally-Ann Males
        Hello, I have just joined up. I am desperate to learn how to cook yoghurt that is dairy and soy free. My g/son, Isaac, is 5 and has allergies to dairy, soy, yeast and wheat so far. We still have to do other tests. He loves his yoghurt but I dont know what to do. I am trying to make bread just as soon as I get some ingredients. Pleas someone help us.
        • Flour On My Face
          Flour On My Face
          What is up with these recipes Cinnamon Rolls From Sourdough? They are missing half the ingredients and instructions. ""My recipes come from copyright-free sources."" who are these sources??
          • Anita Goodman
            Anita Goodman
            Where are the directions for the Enchilidas Beef & Bean With Mexican Rice Recipe? It really looks good but the directions are missing. Where can I go to find them?
            • Karen Ann Sills
              Karen Ann Sills
              I'm new to this site! But I would love to write my on cook book with my twin Kathy! Maybe I CAN LEARN ALITTLE FROM FROM THIS SITE!
              • Paula Remz
                Paula Remz
                Where is the rest of the recipe for the award winning Praline Pecan Cheesecake recipe.

                All I got was a cake mix from a box with butter!!??

                Any help where to find it?

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