Bobby Lovera
Bobby Lovera
Oooh That Sauce!
Chicago, United States
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About me

A Degree from Culinary Academy in French and Italian cuisine, and great family cooks.
I have cooked for famous celebrities and politicians too.

Cooking Influences

Family Members...Of course the Cullinary Academy changed the way I approach a recipe.
I have worked in some of the finest French Restaurants in North America and I still use a few of their techniques.
Then I worked in an upscale Greek restaurant for several years. They made me the head Chef and I invented all sorts of new entrees. I have never seen anyone use more garlic than those Greeks! I mean they would just bury that meat in chopped raw garlic....A whole cup of raw chopped garlic for one serving! OMG!
I think that influenced my taste buds permanently. When I cook Sicilian now it has extra garlic. Ahhhhh
But it's not all about the Garlic; I have many other signature moves that I keep throwing in the mix such as Smoked Cheese and Jalapeno Vinegar and sticking to certain brands. And I'm not beyond throwing a handful of good Cappi (Ham) in just about anything.
Everyone knows which dish I cooked without even asking.
I enjoy that!.

Awards, Honors and Societies

I have been on TV shows, Cooking shows, and the News.
The Cullinary Academy has added some of my inventions to their curriculum.
I like to compete in cooking contests and I win.


  • Kyra Martin
    Kyra Martin
    You had me at garlic, garlic, garlic. I felt compelled to say hello! I'm new to CookEatShare and very excited to try some of these recipes.
    • Arturo Féliz-Camilo
      Arturo Féliz-Camilo
      Ya esta corregida! Un abrazo hermano!
      • Arturo Féliz-Camilo
        Arturo Féliz-Camilo
        Done! You can check it out now! :)
        • Arturo Féliz-Camilo
          Arturo Féliz-Camilo
          Hey Bobby! thanks for your message! I'll translate it today!! :)
          • John Spottiswood
            John Spottiswood
            Looking forward to trying your Lobster Cheesecake when you perfect it!
            • Bobby Lovera
              Bobby Lovera
              Ill be using Salmon on the first few. Photos comming soon.
            • katerina papaspiliopoulou
              katerina papaspiliopoulou
              Hi, Bobby! thanks for following me. I like the way you write and I promise I'll look at your recipes with great attention.
              I am Greek and yes, I LOVE GARLIC!
              • Salad Foodie
                Salad Foodie
                Thanks for the follow and I am happy to reciprocate. I really LOVE Greek and Middle East cooking, and yes garlic. Several of your recipes are a "Try Soon" for me.
                • myra byanka
                  myra byanka

                  I lived in Greece a year back in the 70s. Food in Athens was mostly lemon chicken and rice, tzaziki with fresh bread, moussaka, and horiatiki, and a few other things, but don't remember huge amounts of garlic. I did have a Greek boyfriend for a while whose mom sent him fresh feta all the time. I loved the feta, but not him. I guess I don't get what you mean by upscale Greek food, since everyone seemed to have moved to Athens from a village to find work. But, I look forward to trying your recipes.

                  Welcome! It's a fun site.

                  Myra Byanka
                  • Bobby Lovera
                    Bobby Lovera
                    By upscale I guess I mean expensive..high quality ingredients.
                    The Greek family I worked for has been in America since 1929.
                    I didn't know anything about Greek food before. What I know came specific from that one family. I haven't changed anything.
                    Love their Challah bread too! Which reminds me I should post some breads and desserts.
                    But I only cook Greek once in awhile now.
                    Are you into BBQ? I have plenty info and recipes.
                    • myra byanka
                      myra byanka

                      I cater mostly bbq, Tex-Mex, Latin, Mexican,and comfort foods.People on this site don't seem very interested in Tex-Mex, so I mainly post them just to keep them all together in one place. A challah recipe would be super, plus anything bbq.


                  • Bob Vincent
                    Bob Vincent
                    Hi Bobby:

                    Thanks for following me. I looked at the recipes you have posted so far and they look great. While still working I traveled to Chicago often on business. A great city for food! That deep dish pizza is certainly a signature dish of the windy city. Your dough recipe looks tasty. I have added it to my try soon folder. Greek food is one of my favorites. Looking forward to you posting some Greek dishes as well. I am relatively new to CES also. I hope you have as much fun with it as I am. A great group of people. Thanks for sharing!

                    Best Regards,

                    • Bobby Lovera
                      Bobby Lovera
                      I mostly cook Sicilian now but I know other Italian styles and I slaved away in an upscale Greek restaurant for years.
                      • John Spottiswood
                        John Spottiswood
                        Welcome to CookEatShare Bobby! I hope you enjoy the recipes here and I'm also looking forward to trying out your favorites.

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