A Couple in the Kitchen
A Couple in the Kitchen
The couple that sautes together, stays together.
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About me

We are a married couple who love cooking, eating and sharing good food with each other and with our friends and relatives.

Cooking Influences

Amy has taken cooking classes in Rome and here at home, but otherwise the two of us are self-taught cooks. We own several cookbooks and like to use recipes from these and online as suggestions rather than guides. We love all types of cuisines and enjoy pairing our dishes with good wines. Entertaining is also one of our passions, and we do so with gusto!


  • John Spottiswood
    John Spottiswood
    Glad you joined and look forward to trying some of your recipes over the coming months!
    • Winelady Cooks
      Winelady Cooks
      Thanks for your friendship. I look forward to sharing recipes. My recipes are 'remade' from my childhood family recipes and some classic recipes to make them easier to prepare. My hectic schedule requires easy recipes and I like to share them with others who also have a hectic and chaotic schedule.

      Winelady Cooks

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